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About Us...

We are an approved FHA lender, with over 30 years of combined experience in the Mortgage Banking industry. With our local real estate knowledge and expertise, in conjunction with our solid relationship with financial service providers, our team of experts are happy to lead you through various lending solutions available to you.

Since the late 1980s, a team of executives set out to assist in the dream of homeownership with one particular goal in mind: to make homeownership a reality for everyone! After 30 years of hands on experience and building rapport with both the real estate community and borrowers alike, Bankers Xpress was born.

Our motto “The Key To Simple and Affordable Homeownership” is instilled and executed by our team of professionals in all phases of the mortgage process. This empowers our sales force to close loans faster and make it simple and affordable for everyone. Bankers Xpress enables homeownership so that you, the borrower, can move on to other important things.

Bankers Xpress provides equal employment opportunities, fairness, and a happy workplace for everyone. All employees work together and play together.

Bankers Xpress is growing rapidly and searching for top talent in both sales and back office operations with the same philosophies in mind. If you are motivated and passionate about mortgage and helping others, we would like to invite you to join and grow with us.